04 March 2011

Reality Distortion at Fox News

Is it called "Fox News" because they make news or because they report their concocted version of the news?

All news sources have a bias.  For example, there is not much coverage of the weather conditions on Jupiter where the storms are thousands of times worse than on Earth because we like to focus on our own little orbiting rock.  Nearly all American news outlets focus only on the interests of the United States so you would be hard pressed to find an American that knows a West Indies bus was stoned by Bangladesh supporters, let alone an American that knows where Bangladesh is.  (It is a country to the East of India.)

However, Fox News takes this familiar narrative to a place never seen before.  They actually alter events to fit their personal narrative.  When a story is not going their way they will focus on a particular aspect, take quotes and cut them to make them sound the opposite of what was actually said, and one of their hallmarks is "accidentally" showing the wrong footage.  I put it in quotes because they do it so often that they either have the most inept staff on this rock or the most brilliant since they always manage to show the incorrect footage that proves their narrative.

In Wisconsin Fox is decidedly against the teachers ("unions") whom have been very peaceful, so they show footage from an unrelated protest in California where they were not:

They really despise Ron Paul because he is a Republican that pushes a Libertarian agenda and supports many of the social stances of the Democrats.  So when CPAC supported him for President overwhelmingly with shouts of joy they decided to show footage from a previous year where there were people who were not supportive.  Worse yet, they interviewed him mocking the fact that people did not like him when the opposite was true:

To make Sarah Palin's book sales look more popular they decided to use footage from her on the campaign trail rather than selling books:

To make a health care rally look far more popular they decided to pump in footage of another rally where the turn out was significantly larger:

I could sit here pointing out their distortions (the kind interpretation) all day, but you see the point.  Fox News is not just biased, they are making up the news to match their talking points.  Then, in a fashion only they could pull off, they call their work "Fair and Balanced" and regularly talk about other news sources being biased.  Without question they are but to reach the title of "Fair and balanced" you apparently have to lie.

Having said that, I am not saying you should not watch Fox News.  That Glenn Beck guy is absolutely hilarious after a couple of beers.  No, what I am saying is that if you find yourself believing anything they are saying you should visit Google News and find another perspective because often times what they are telling you may be the opposite of what is actually going on.