15 January 2012

Planet Protest

Time Magazine honored "The Protestor" as person of the year for 2011 and rightfully so.  Throughout the world there were daily uprisings appearing seemingly overnight as individuals in a particular country decide to take to the streets in protest.  Some resulted in governments toppled, most resulted in countless individuals in jail (or worse) and many taking place in the United States were simply labeled annoyances by the jewel encrusted evening news jockeys.  While there were plenty of clear distinctions, it is also clear their similarity:  Regional protests impacting a particular location.

It is hard to say when, why or how it will happen but some future date will usher in a planet-wide protest that will test us all.  The communication methods being used to cause local unrest have been, to date, focused on issues with a geographic epicenter.  Given the right situation at the right time, one can imagine citizens flooding to the street in nearly every country for a single issue.  It would need to be a socially motivating problem that requires immediate and critical need, but when that wedge comes to the surface it is certain to bring unrest world-wide.

Will it be an economic divide?  Environmental catastrophe?  Coke changing their original formula again? And how will the world community react to having their typical routines curtailed by these protests?  Who knows, but within the next five years it seems highly likely we will find out.