25 February 2012

Hugs and love for everyone.

Why does it come so natural to us to divide?  We seem to focus on the distinctions rather than the commonality.

Tree huggers versus Climate Deniers
Republicans versus Democrats
Natives versus Immigrants
Christians versus Muslims
Americans versus Terrorists
Greece versus Persia
Black Lab versus Poodle
Less Filling versus Tastes Great

When our families lived in caves and another family wanted to join us, apparently we had to have a way to communicate the distinction.  They are immigrants trying to move into our territory.  They will take precious space, hunt our animals, eat our berries, drink our water ...  Ship them back to the woods!

And yet we ignore the positive.  They could help bring in more food, find more firewood, create clothing and blankets and add extra protection from whatever nasties might come by.  Depending on your perspective, you could focus on the positive or focus on the negative, but it seems society leans toward the latter.

If you read any economist worth their salt and they will tell you the reason Europe's market is stagnant and America continues to grow is immigration.  People coming through our border, legally or illegally, help increase wages and grow the economy for all of us.  READ THIS for the premise of the debate.  Yes, perhaps those "illegals" do not bring in the skills we need - they take jobs picking fruit and tearing apart chickens.  But the fact is that our native population does not want those jobs and Alabama dicovered this the hard way.

Even if you disagree that immigration helps raise the standard of living and economy for all of America - what makes them less deserving than us?  Because we happened to be born within a certain geographic region?  Because we speak English better than they do?  We are Americans and they are not and if they are going to come here they have to wait in line and follow our rules, right?  Roughly translated: Neiner-neiner!

When the good folks on Vega pick up our first television signals of Adolf Hitler introducing the 1936 Olympics and later stories of his destruction of thousands of Jews because they were part of his "us versus them" agenda, what do you suppose they will think?  "It is okay - he was German"?  Maybe "it is okay - he was a fascist"?  Or "it is okay - he was a Nazi"?  Not so much.  Like him or not - Hitler is part of all of us.  And Stalin.  And Osama Bin Laden.  But also the great people, too.  Gandhi, Mozart, Einstein, Muhammed, Christ, Cài Lún, Martin Luther King Jr. ..

In the end, we do not get to divide and excuse our species.  We are all in this together - born, live and die - and will all be judged by the same rule book and embrace what comes, whatever it may be.  Do you believe Jesus would have been concerned about our Mexican neighbors sneaking over the border?  He would have welcome them and done all he could to care for all human beings.  Whether you are a Christian or Atheist - we all can learn from Gandhi, Muhammed, King and all the others that came before us that said to love and care for everyone because we are all part of the human race.

I so want to end "us versus them", "you versus me".  Much like MLK - I have a dream, too.  I just want an Earth sized group hug.  Everyone at one moment throughout the world.  Exit our homes, walk up to our neighbors with our families, and love each other.  Just for one moment.  The world needs it.  You need it.  I need it - because I love you.  All of you.  And I want you to love everyone, too.