31 October 2012


In my completely unscientifically developed opinion, where Twitter breaks down is when you start following a hundred or more feeds. There are new posts coming in every couple of seconds, often with links to full articles of information. Who has time to read all this? Sure, if I am sitting around in a waiting room pondering between picking my nose or opening TweetBot then I am usually going to opt for the latter, but that limits my Twitter reading time to a half dozen moments a month. I am sad to admit that my nose gets more attention than that.

While I am no Twitter expert, I do manage three accounts. One for my kids' elementary school PTSA that posts educational related items. Another is for a users' group where we post technology stories for insurance brokers. Finally there is my own tweet land where I toss stupid comments on there occasionally. I am now a couple years into this 140 character universe and I feel mildly qualified to say that Twitter is a complete waste of time.

As with any of my stupid grandiose statements, there are exceptions. Many of the younger persuasion use the platform as a time-sink replacement for Facebook. There are also countless individuals that are nothing but feeders by providing comedy, news or other insight that you can focus in on that information.

That is where I have found success in using Twitter: Feeding information. Does anyone read what I post? Barely. Every so often a friend will respond, or maybe I will post something really idiotic and it might get re-tweeted. Once. That's about it. You can set up alerts on particular feeds, which is semi useful. You can reduce the number of folks you are following which would make it easier to read through the posts. Still, all of this misses the advertised point of using Twitter as a useful news source. It really isn't.

Oh well. At least it is a step up from public schnoz cleaning.