03 December 2012

A bad Microsoft morning.

A quick bitch session to make me feel better:

I have been using an iPad as my notebook for a couple of months and recently replaced it with a Surface RT. In fact, the Surface, minus a few blemishes, is a more enjoyable device for that task, overall. Still, this morning I decided I needed to edit a Microsoft Word document on there and it was too slow. More critically, the sucker was out of battery life after sitting all weekend long at our home. Yes - the standby power on the Surface appears to be only a couple of days. So, now I have to research whether this is a bad unit or whether it really is that poor. By comparison, the iPad it replaced could (and sometimes did) sit untouched for weeks and still have juice left over. (The iPad would still "ding" every time an email came in, so it was, technically, still receiving Wi-Fi and running some mail tracking app while hibernating for weeks.)

Were that not enough on the annoyance scale - I have been using Microsoft SkyDrive for part of my personal document collection. I do not run the app at work because it has this annoying habit of copying all of my information to the local machine (!!) and dramatically impacting performance. So I visited their web site to upload a folder and quickly discovered that it appears to only support single file uploading. No problem - I will just drag the folder into the web page to copy it. That, of course, did not work. So, I opened up Google Drive in my browser and drag the folder over and viola! It worked! Dropbox was equally successful.

There. Done bitching. I would feel better, too, if I didn't have to consider moving my personal stuff to Google Drive or Dropbox or I was not tied to making this Windows RT tablet work in the office.