26 March 2014

Twitter hasn't lost sight of anything.

Ashley over at Gizmodo wrote a nice little piece about how Twitter has lost sight of the root of their popularity by allowing tweets to include four photos without reducing the 140 character limitation. The thinking is that this will suddenly create a whole bunch of additional notifications and create noise on the platform. She loses sight of the fact that the audience using Facebook already believe Twitter is all noise.
"Facebook is full of all the noise that Twitter so geniously managed to cut through. In instilling a strict, 140-character limit, Twitter forced you to cut your tweets in to their most basic, witty, and informative forms. And that translated to Twitter being full of higher-quality content by default. Brevity, as they say, is the soul of Twitter."
Despite it being a nice article, she is wrong.
Ashley managed to meander into (or over) one of the biggest differences between Facebook and Twitter: Demographics. Pardon the sweeping obnoxious generalizations, but Facebook is the land of old fogies because the land of Zuck is what their computer skills could figure out. Twitter, by virtue of SMS-like roots, is the favorite of a millennial generation who skipped Facebook because their parents live there. It has always been a badge of honor that gramps couldn't see beyond the noise to find the value.
Will that be lost by allowing photos that do not count against the character limitations? Hardly. Gramps wouldn't know how to tweet one photo - let alone four. Those young whipper(photo)snappers are growing up and looking for additional features so, before they find a new platform, the tweeting gods are making adjustments to please them.
Now, if they make they drastically increase the tweet size then Ashley's argument will make more sense. As it stands today, this is just a nice additional feature that will add more noise in the Twitter-verse. I can hear a millennial cheering now.
("Get off my lawn!")