24 April 2014

Help kick the booty of pediatric brain tumors with me.

I am running a 5K this year and pleading for a few dollars from you for the most worthwhile cause out there.
While I may have a brain tumor, I recognize that I am one of the very lucky ones. The tumor was operable, I am extremely healthy, I have an amazing family and I was young enough to kick this suckers back-side for as long as it takes.
This Run Of Hope is for those that are not nearly as fortunate. When children find a tumor in their noggin it is in a spot that has major repercussions on their health and far more damaging to their daily functioning. Worse yet - it is often not even operable. And yet, these young superheroes are kicking their tumors rumpus, too. But they need our help.
They succeed thanks to all of us giving money. Any donation - big or small - will make a huge difference. Your support goes directly to research where they are finding the tools and creating the medicines that help these kids live long and productive lives. Whether it is "tumor paint" research (based on venom from scorpions) or this new immune system response therapy - they are on the threshold of truly revolutionary techniques for helping and possibly (someday) eliminating a brain tumor.
Click the button below to donate to this worthy cause - and thank you so much for giving - whatever you can. You are making a difference in these children's lives.