24 May 2014

Will modern society be smart enough to reduce the impact of climate change?

Sorry to be so serious, but I encourage everyone to READ THIS ARTICLE, please. This isn't a political game anymore. This has become a certain reality. Yes, there will be idiots out there that would rather hide their eyes than own up to what we have done, but doing so will bring the end of not only the United States of America but potentially everything we love about society today.

Humanity is now staring at the largest global catastrophe in the recorded history of mankind. Not an "if" - it is a scientific certainty. We all had fun laughing at Al Gore's numerical errors but ignoring his words has doomed society as we know it today, potentially within the lifetime of our children. There is still time to minimize the impact, but everyone needs to be aware that the time to act was yesterday. The question now is how big a price our grand-kids will pay for our short-term gain. Do not be fooled. There is a wide range on how big the damage will be, so there is a much larger price for continuing to do nothing.

We must stop thinking in terms of the next few years. Tomorrow's corporate gain often causes long term destruction. The price of energy made from dinosaur juice does not begin to address the untold damage from the emissions. Capitalism currently has no serious way of addressing this distressing reality. The global damage from this ice sheet is coming, but if we do not stop pumping CO2 into the air then we will also have Greenland and many other ice sheets to contend with causing non-stop catastrophes. "Reduce" is no longer good enough. We must make the choices to eliminate use of all fossil fuels. Period.

We only have one world to live on and we are supposedly the most brilliant creatures to ever walk on it.. Let's prove that by making certain it is a live-able environment for our species for centuries to come.