02 June 2014

President Obama and the EPA will delay the ocean rising by a couple days.

Thank you, Mr. President, for your new smoke screen, er, I mean "carbon limits" to blind Americans into believing that we are actually living up to our stewardship of our environment. How proud you must be.
When you frame this legislation in the delta of PPM of CO2 and Ph of the ocean over the next century then this barely covers the additional energy use due to population density of our country. Coal plants were being replaced by natural gas already but we are just trading one form of carbon pollution for another. Yes, we could use a fire extinguisher on a forest fire and it might help, but the forest is still going to burn down.
Being in the leadership chair means not being afraid to make the right decision for the long term health of America. Get up there and say electric companies must reach zero carbon emissions by 2030 and petrol will be gradually increased over ten years (taxed) based on the cost of removing that carbon from the air. Force all fossil fuel companies to invest in technology to remove that carbon from the atmosphere and the ocean. Tell America the truth about our predicament, Mr. President.
Insane? Maybe. But, at least then we are being honest about what needs to be done. We can sit around and say "it is a step in the right direction" or "what Obama currently proposes will kill energy companies" - but, at the end of the day, actually fixing the damage that has already been put in motion will take monumental leaps forward - not a tiny step.