04 July 2014

It's time to be happy for our country.

A new day, a new chart saying our country is doing great while our lovely media digs through whatever it can to take a stinky dump on it. Even left-leaning news outlets cannot help putting a morbidly obese but(t) behind every story that even slightly indicates that the American economy is rocking. Well, suck it up, people. It is America's birthday and it is time to admit what has been painfully obvious for a couple of years now: America is back!

If you compare our economy to where it was before Bush left office then, yes, you might find some numbers that make the economy look less than perfect - but even that game is getting nearly impossible. While it was easy to brush this ridiculous comparison point aside in the past by admitting the numbers at the beginning of 2008 were fabricated, that is no longer necessary. The stock market, housing prices, consumer confidence, pricing index and even our trade deficit were being dramatically impacted by a Wall Street hoax of selling false derivatives back in the "good ol' days". After all, this is the very reason our economy crashed and millions lost their jobs, homes and their very way of life - so comparing our economic indicators to the bubble is as accurate as negotiating for a 2014 Ford Mustang based on the price of a dead horse.

But, we do not need to hide behind this excuse anymore. The only way to battle the Ditto Heads is to define our success with a dead horse, so I'll do it:

There are 9 numbers that indicate the health of the economy and on every single one of them the United States is doing better than nearly every other country in the world and even performing better than we were before the "Great Recession".

1. Housing Prices: Best since Q2 2008
2. Consumer Price Index: Best since Q2 2008
3. Unemployment Rate: Best since Q3 2008
4. Trade Deficit: Best since Q1 2005
5. Personal Income / Spending: At Pre-Recession Levels
6. Personal Spending: At Pre-Recession Levels
7. Gross Domestic Product: At Pre-Recessison Levels
8. Consumer Confidence: Best since Q4 2007
9. Stock Market: Best ever recorded

I can hear Rush Limbaugh screaming: "You forgot the debt!" Take an Oxycontin and relax, my man. Sure, you never talked about the debt when it was blowing up under the two Bushies, but I am happy to entertain your partisan silliness.

The national debt has no bearing on the financial health on Main Street today, as can be seen in the indicators above. Most economists acknowledge that the debt is less of a financial problem as it is an unwillingness by Congress to fix it. Our current debt is not the problem since, as a product of our GDP, it is historically reasonable. The problem is when the Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid bills start to accumulate down the road. Can that problem be solved without gutting current programs? You bet. Simply changing the retirement age in our country could get us most of the way there. So - get to work you silly donkeys and elephants.

When you ignore the political noise it becomes clear that our economy is doing extraordinarily well. Is everyone making more money than they ever have? No. Would anyone complain if they were making more money? No. However, that is true of any point in the history of our country. The game the media keeps playing is hunting for someone out there that says "it does not feel better" and balancing that against the good news.

Well, screw that. Of course it does not "feel" like the country is doing well when every media outlet keeps shitting on America's parade. The talking automatons at Fox News will not admit the truth until Obama is shipped back to his mosque in Kenya. Well, today is when we start to ignore them. It is Independence Day. It is time to celebrate the amazing men and women who have brought our country back from the abyss. The United States of America has never been more economically healthy than it is today - so please join me in parking your new Ford, putting down your American made Moto X, cracking open a micro-brew and lighting some Chinese fireworks you purchased at the local Indian reservation to celebrate.

God bless America.