01 September 2014

More celeb nude photos.

Yes, Jennifer Lawrence (or "Nitro" as the kids call her) had her nude photos stolen over the internet. I think (or should I say "hope") we are all in agreement that the people who did this are scumbags and the individuals buying, posting, exchanging and downloading them are accessories to this douchebaggery. All in agreement? Good. Moving on...

Theft of personal photos happens on these pipes every second of every day. Almost all of them are showing naughty bits of someone who prefers seen with at least a thin film of thread over the privates. So .. Why is a celeb allowing nakedness to be digitally mastered and uploaded to the porn flood?

Do not misunderstand me: The folks doing this are the worst type of scum because most of them think that celeb nudes are in the same category of the sapphic erotica they get up for. It isn't, of course. Yet we cannot escape this porous internet. The last thing anyone who cares about their privacy should do is allow themselves to be photographed without their pj's on. If a person dares to upload the unmentionables then they are, perhaps unknowingly, guaranteed to have it in public hands no matter how private that cloud they're hiding in. Yes, believe it or not, you can see boobies through clouds.

I wish Jennifer the best of luck on catching the original criminals (good luck with the millions now looking at your illegally obtained photo) and making them pay for their crime. And thank you for highlighting the great learning opportunity: If you would ever be embarrassed or might get into trouble if that precious something were to be stolen - I recommend an old fashioned steel safe.