22 October 2014

Microsoft needs "Nokia" not "Lumia".

If you spent 7.2 billion buckeroos to purchase the most recognizable name in cell phones ever, what would you name the new phones you were going to create? Would you use that immediately brand name or opt for their little-known and poorly selling product moniker?

Nokia 1020
Microsoft Lumia 1020

To be fair, in the Seattle area the Microsoft Lumia might sell slightly better. Everywhere else in the world would lean toward the Nokia product. If for no other reason, the name is shorter.

It is obvious that Microsoft decided on "Lumia" because their own names ("Microsoft" and "Windows Phone") would be lost behind the successful Nokia brand. But - that is the whole point. That is the main reason they were worth 7.2 BILLION. From a marketing perspective, it is idiotic to dustbin a product name that sells itself in some markets for something that only has the history of losing money and sales to the competition.

A lot of smart decisions have been made at Microsoft recently. Just not this one.