19 October 2014

Refurb me, baby.

If you are looking for computer technology, I highly recommend checking for a refurbished version first. Manufacturers either sell them directly through a special refurbished web site or they sell them through eBay, sometimes through a third party. Not only will you save a significant percentage off the price but you will get a device that got thoroughly checked (again - if they really check their systems the first time) before you receive it.

While you can rest assured that your tech will be certified Ebola free, it is true that sometimes your newish equipment will have a minor blemish. Typically the officially refurbished devices, even sold by a third party, will have any plastic pieces replaced that show any use. They always full check the hardware before shipping it out, despite a shorter warranted period, so you can typically expect the product to last longer.

I tip my propeller hat to Apple (or "Apple Computer", since they started this ages ago) for having raised the whole refurb experience. When you purchase previously owned hardware from Cupertino you are essentially getting something that is brand new - not a blemish, fully warranted and in beautiful packaging. You simply cannot go wrong. The rest of the industry had to raise their game to match the quality - best they were able.

So save yourself a few bucks this holiday season and head to the land or refurb. Your family and friends will not know the different and will likely have a longer lasting device.

Here are a few links to get you started:
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