22 November 2016

"Please Mr. president, It's too much winning! We can't take it anymore!"

When you elect a fascist as President of the United States of America, you can expect a wee bit of chaos along the way to making America great again. So, as a service to the man in the White House, we are tracking all of that "winning" for you:
  1. Calling civil rights leader lazy on MLK Jr. holiday
  2. Hiring son in his administration
  3. Report of him hiring girls for water sports
  4. Trump's business conflicts of interest
  5. Hiring of unqualified Ben Carson to head HUD
  6. Hiring of individual who is against the EPA to lead it
  7. Hiring of Exxon chief as Secretary of State
  8. Trump refusing to acknowledge that Russia interfered with election
  9. Trump agreed to drop Ukraine opposition for Russia releasing Democrat emails.
  10. Upsetting China by skipping diplomatic channels and directly working with Taiwan.
  11. Secretary of Health and Human Services invests in companies based on legislation he influences.
  12. Lying about the attendance size of his inauguration.
  13. Claiming that millions voted illegally with no proof.
    1. Then forces an investigation to try to support the lie.
  14. Destroying relationship with Mexico and, no, they won't pay for the wall.
  15. Entire State Department Senior Management team abruptly resigns.
  16. Asks for the CIA to start using black sites for torturing detainees.
  17. America degraded to "Flawed Democracy" by Economist Intelligence Unit.
  18. Doomsday Clock moves 30 seconds closer to midnight - "End of Humanity".
  19. Forcing pipeline to be constructed over scared native land while pipelines are leaking.
  20. Trump creates a shadow National Security Council.
  21. Bans immigration from 7 countries responsible for 0 American fatalities on U.S. soil.
  22. White House fires acting Attorney General because she found a Trump executive order, that was not run by the Justice Department as has been standard procedure with previous Presidents in both parties, to be indefensible and likely illegal.
  23. FUBAR military raid resulted in American deaths, including 8 year old American girl.
  24. Anything negative about Trump is fake news.
  25. Trump does not know the difference between refugees and illegal immigrants.
  26. National Security Adviser resigns after discovery that he broke the law and lied about it.
  27. FBI has evidence that Trump campaign was coordinating with Russia during elections.
  28. After 25 days in office the White House has three resignations due to collusion with Russia.
  29. White House ramps up a (unfortunately, successful) Nazi tactic of "lying press".
  30. Donald Trump breaks the Emoluments Clause of the U.S. Constitution.
  31. Supreme Court pick believes laws must be held to the perspective of white dudes when people who chose to be "darkies" or have a vagina were property with zero say in our government.
  32. Mike Pence was using a private email server for government business, including confidential info.
  33. House starts creating bills to remove funding from public schools and switch to vouchers, plus removing equal opportunity to students for education.
  34. Attorney General lied under oath: He was speaking with the Russians after all.
  35. Education secretary claims racism causing racial segregation is a positive example of school choice.
  36. So much for those American jobs. Keystone pipeline won't need to use American steel.
  37. Feeling the heat from his administration breaking the law, he makes up more shit about Obama.
  38. Evidence continues to build and GOP start to turn over Trump being a puppet of Putin.
  39. White House issues another ban on new Muslims coming to America.
  40. Americans want an independent investigation of Russian ties, but GOP refuses.
  41. GOP releases ObamaCare Lite still requires everyone enroll and has bigger penalties if they don't.
  42. Trump claims Obama released 122 reengaged Gitmo prisoners. It was actually George W. Bush.
  43. The reviews on GOP ObamaCare are in and they are ugly.
  44. Russian oligarch to profit from the non-American steel used in pipelines.

Of course, Trump was "winning" as a private citizen, too:

  1. Sexual Assault Allegations (1970-2005)
  2. Beauty Pageant Scandals  (1992-Present)
  3. Racial Housing Discrimination (1973-1975)
  4. Mafia Ties (1970-Present)
  5. Trump University (2005-2010)
  6. Tenant Intimidation (1982-1986)
  7. Four Bankruptcies (1991, 1992, 2004, 2009)
  8. Undocumented Polish Workers (1980)
  9. Alleged Marital Rape (1989)
  10. Breaking Casino Rules (Various)
  11. Antitrust Violations (1986)
  12. Condo Hotel Shenanigans (2008)
  13. Corey Lewandowski (2016)
  14. Suing Journalist Tim O’Brien for Libel (2006-2009)
  15. Refusing to Pay Workers and Contractors (1980-Present)
  16. Trump Institute (2005-Present)
  17. Buying Up His Own Books (2016)
  18. Undocumented Models (1999-?)
  19. The Trump Foundation (1988-Present)
  20. The Cuban Embargo (1998-Present)
  21. Growing Conflict of Interest List (Present)
And now a statement by our Commander and Chief:
“I did try and fuck her. She was married. ... I moved on her like a bitch. But I couldn’t get there. And she was married. Then all of a sudden I see her, she’s now got the big phony tits and everything. She’s totally changed her look. ... Whoa! Whoa! Yeah, that’s her. With the gold. I better use some Tic Tacs just in case I start kissing her. You know, I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab ’em by the pussy. You can do anything.” - Donald Trump, 2005

18 November 2016

Post Election Detox For Liberals and Conservatives

Post 2016 Election Note for Liberals:
Just as David Duke is allowed to do the white-suited Macarena in the streets, you are absolutely entitled to work through your emotions about the election. However, there are a few ground rules:

  • No protesting permitted without an "I Voted" sticker. You are welcome to have thoughts and feelings, but we don't want to see them on TV or blocking our evening commute.
  • Stop burning American flags. There's always one idiot in a mob that cannot help taking the group on the short bus parade, so please keep the matches away from that person.
Everyone needs to hope that Donald Trump will be a successful POTUS since the alternative would be devastating to the world. You might see all evidence pointing to our imminent disaster, but it is up to all of us to try to make the best of this. What would be a disaster is if the Democrats took the reigns of the "Party of No" which would leave Trump to executive order his way to what he wants without any dialogue about the implications. We need to work with the GOP (heaven forbid, Congress working together) to come up with constructive solutions. Yes, the ACA (Obamacare) is going to be changed, but do you want 20 million people to suddenly not have health insurance or do we want to make adjustments for a long-term solution? Yes, Trump might start us building some walls, bridges and roads, but (ignoring the immigration issues) that could truly be a good thing to spark more jobs in our country. Keep in mind that Obama wanted Republicans to help craft the ACA and tried to pass an infrastructure bill but was blocked by the GOP on both counts.

We need to demonstrate to the country how a minority party can work with the other side to get things done. We are going to have to give ground on a number of issues, but our lines in the sand should be reserved for those items that tear at the fabric of our society. Remember that our issue is not whether the ACA is renamed Trumpcare and we have a platinum Trumpwall on our border, but it is to demand respect for all individuals living in our borders and fight for the world we leave to future generations. We need to continue to remind those in power that the choices we make impact every living thing on this planet.

Yes, our needs for the Supreme Court should be heard since the GOP broke the rules by not considering an appointment by Obama. We should do whatever we can to live up to the task of being stewards of the environment. There needs to be affordable healthcare available for all Americans. And, yes, we should fight to exclude any possible KKK wing of the oval office. To accomplish this we must compromise, continue to make our voices heard through protest, and always be willing to call Trump's bluff.

And keep your chin up. Trump will be up for re-election in four years.

Post 2016 Election Note for Conservatives:
You are right to complain about Americans burning flags in the street. You are right to be dismissive of protesters that did not even vote. You are right to be upset with those that hope Trump will fail. We need Trump and, ultimately, America to succeed. However, there are some ground rules in your indignation:

  • Be sensitive to the fact that over one million more people voted for the woman who lost the election. It is healthy for people to openly question how that has occurred twice to their candidates.
  • Everyone is entitled to have their feelings and work through emotions however they need to, provided it does not break the law and does not do harm to others.
We all need to be aware that protests with racist signs and dolls showing Obama being hanged were on display in America in 2008 and 2012. There are poor losers on every side. Speaking of which ... Whatever Democrats do, it is following the GOP's eight years of openly saying they would never assist Obama on anything he wanted to pass. I sincerely hope the minority party does not continue that terrible behavior, but it was (unfortunately) successfully modeled by the GOP.

Now we should chat about these rumors that Trump is a racist, xenophobic womanizer. Everyone is welcome to their own opinion on that subject based on the evidence (Trump's own words), but there is little point arguing since he was already elected. What is very much open to debate is keeping like-minded views out of our United States Government. If you are happy to have "White Power" sweep our government than congrats. But if you do not believe Trump is trying to create a racist America than you need to prove it by being openly against his hires that have demonstrated those beliefs. Case and point:

Jeff Sessions as Attorney General:
Called a black attorney a "boy", prosecuted black civil rights attorneys, claims the only problem with the KKK is they smoke weed, ignores violence against abortion clinics and mocks civil rights groups as un-American. He was dismissed by a bi-partisan Senate Judiciary Committee.

Michael Flynn as Security Advisor:
Sacked by the Pentagon for aggressive behavior, anti-Muslim rhetoric and a habit of tweeting anti-Semitic material. He has strong connections with Russia including Vladimir Putin. Mr. Flynn is in favor of our military using torture (against the law, by the way) for extracting information.

Steve Bannon as Chief Strategist:
Steve created the online news organization, Breitbart News, which is a favorite of the alt-right which includes our favorite upside-down vanilla ice cream cone people. Their news stories reflect their viewership and they unapologetically alter or outright lie to fit whatever narrative their readers want to hear at that moment. Beyond the typical anti-liberal verbiage, the articles are regularly racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic which Steve openly says he does not have the least concern about.

Trump has not taken office yet and it is reasonable to see a disturbing picture being painted. We want Trump to succeed and we want him to leave a better America than he inherited, but the tide of prosperity needs to move up for all Americans, not just the rich ones with pale skin and a penis. Help us make certain that happens.

25 June 2016

Wake up, America. Our future awaits and we all need to take responsibility for it.

I implore each of you to pay attention to the political direction of our nation. If the Brexit vote has not shaken you, or you need to Google what "Brexit" is then you, perhaps more than anyone, need to start paying attention. Our country will be electing a new President shortly and it is critical that we all not only vote, but do so with a serious understanding of the options in front of us. The long term implications for the direction of our nation and the world are profound.
I humbly submit that there is a core to our country that is far more crucial to the soul of being American than a changeable constitution:
"We hold these truths to be self-evident, 
that all men are created equal, 
that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, 
that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses 
yearning to breathe free, 
the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. 
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me.I lift my lamp beside the golden door."

The following is a list of what I perceive to be the most basic expectations from a leader, merely a step above being human and having a heart beat. Consider this a template, for your use, containing the base qualifications for the job of President of the United States of America:
  1. Not a womanizer.
  2. Not a racist.
  3. Not a person that questions an American's citizenship.
  4. Not a person that blames an American's actions on an entire religion.
  5. Not a person that blames an American's actions on non-Americans.
  6. Intelligent enough to not judge a book by their cover.
  7. Intelligent enough to try thinking before speaking.
  8. Intelligent enough to recognize we all need advice from experts.
  9. Intelligent.
  10. And (I cannot believe I need to type this) not someone who said he would like to have sex with his own daughter. Though, perhaps you feel differently about this point.

It is time to stop pretending this is a game where politicians can say and do whatever they like permitting the most asinine ideas equal consideration with common sense. Humanity hates being governed and we all despise those rules that govern us, but our action or inaction is what created the situation we are in today. Government represents the people and it is time that each of us stop blaming and start accepting that this is our country and take responsibility for shaping it.

17 June 2016

Washington tax rewards cars that run on dino juice.

A few years back the State of Washington decided that they should charge an additional licensing tax for those who use an electric vehicle. To most residents this makes complete sense since electric vehicles are using the roads and should be paying for their construction costs. The problem is that electric vehicles are already being taxed on the electricity they use which is not considered in this calculation. Making the matters worse, the State has stupidly set their rate based on electric vehicles making the equivalent of 33 miles per gallon.


Yes, provided that your vehicle gets 34 miles per gallon or better, you are paying less taxes than someone in an electric vehicle. What makes this even more ridiculous is that most of the vehicles on the road are Nissan Leafs that will rarely move more than 10,000 miles in a given year.

I am sympathetic to the need for additional money for the State. We all want their services but no one wants to pay for them. I get it. However, this imbalance makes zero sense. Here is how to fix it:

  1. Calculate out electric vehicles at their MPGe rate (99 in the case of the Nissan Leaf) rather than the 33 MPG it is set at now.
  2. At that rate, electric vehicles should pay $45 total in gas/electricity tax per year.
  3. Then subtract the electricity tax from that amount (which is $40 per year for a Leaf).
  4. So the additional licensing tax surcharge for electric vehicles should be five bucks.
Can I get a refund of my $95 now?

29 May 2016

Switching to a Chromebook.

speedylaptop.jpgThe era of needing to deal with over five million known virus strains and constant Windows updates when working remotely is coming to an end thanks to the Chromebook. Heck, Google just recently doubled their reward to $100K for anyone that can hack a Chromebook. Do no take mine or Google's word for the security - independent security experts have been saying for some time that Chrome OS devices are the safest to use. The only thing holding back the corporate world is how to take advantage of this new world. Everyone has spent years, or perhaps decades, creating a remote access environment specifically for Windows devices and now we need to make some minor changes to switch to this safer, faster, longer battery life and less expensive devices world.

The first thing you should do is create a Google account, provided you do not already have one. I also highly recommend having Google Drive convert all Microsoft Office documents to Google Drive format for easy offline editing. You will want to set your Chromebook to sync your documents offline so you can edit all Google Drive documents. Now whenever you save to Google Drive on the desktop or copy over Word or Excel documents into Google Drive on your desktop it will convert them to local Google Drive format that can easily be read and edited offline on the Chromebook. After you get done editing the documents in Google Drive you can easily export them back into Microsoft Office format. There is even an app for accessing Google Drive directly from within Microsoft Office on the desktop.

You can read, edit and create Microsoft Office documents directly on a Chromebook without using Google Drive and even have it directly connect with OneDrive and other third party tools, but everything works vastly better when you use Google’s offerings since Chrome OS is made to work with those natively.

Most all major software companies have been building extensions of major basic applications for direct use in Chrome OS. VMware, which virtualizes most all servers, is available for Chrome OS. I use Citrix Receiver daily to connect to virtual machines. There are numerous applications for doing PDF reading and editing in the Chrome, including Acrobat Reader, but my favorite is Xodo.

There are some notable exceptions, like Skype, which could easily be fully compatible on a Chromebook but Microsoft would prefer wait for Android compatibility on Chrome OS later in 2016. Once the Google Play store is operating in Chrome OS the end user will be able to run nearly every major piece of software made.

The biggest advantage to Chrome is that it does not natively run Windows software. This allows the device to have zero viruses and be impervious to the Crypto schemes that are bringing hospitals, banks and everyone else to their knees. So, how are people able to use all of their favorite Windows software? You simply remote control a Windows computer or connect to a virtual machine. This allows you to use this software faster than any Windows laptop can run it plus have access to all network data since you are working with your actual computer.

Perhaps the easiest way to give an employee all of their Windows applications when working remotely is to simply use LogMeIn or Ericom AccessNow or some other remote control solution. These applications work perfectly from a Chromebook and can allow an employee to connect directly to their desktop in seconds. This can also be used to connect directly to servers or a server gateway. Another option is

If you are looking for a free option, you will want to pick up Google’s own Chrome Remote Desktop which I use daily to connect to multiple different workstations. Simply install Chrome on any Windows or Mac PC you want to connect to and install the Chrome Remote Desktop application on there. Follow the instructions to install an additional runtime app on the system, set a password and then you should be set to connect at any time. A huge bonus is that applications like Photoshop and Visual Studio run at full desktop speed and can put to shame laptops at any price.

Many offices already use VPN connections to allow RDP/Terminal Server on Windows devices. Yes, to get a Microsoft server to permit Chrome OS connections you will need to install a secondary program. VPN connections themselves are a security mess and are particularly dangerous when using them from Windows remote devices (this is how companies are being destroyed by CryptoLocker), but I can fully understanding wanting to keep a similar setup. There are many VPN options available for Chrome OS and it is just a matter of finding the best one for your agency to implement or wait for Android compatibility to support your current option. That said, for security reasons agencies should never allow VPN from Windows devices.

If you need to run the Microsoft RDP app and are not able to install the Chrome add-on on the server and cannot wait for “official” built-in Android compatibility for Chrome OS, you can actually install nearly any Android application today. You can compile the Microsoft RDP Android app specifically for Chrome OS with this GitHub information. Personally, I am waiting for the Play Store (Android compatibility) directly from Google later in 2016, but many companies are already running their needed Android apps on Chromebook devices.

Google has a list of devices that they have officially blessed for Android compatibility later this year. I would recommend selecting a device from that list if you will need to run Android apps.

26 May 2016

It is time to kill the NFL.

During Roman times the most popular sport in the land was participating in gladiator battles and citizens would sometimes volunteer for this "job". No doubt, only the most fit and well trained in fighting tactics had a chance of long term survival, but it paid extraordinarily well and made many (including women) famous throughout the land. Of course, we are far too civilized today to accept any sport that has a high percentage chance of killing someone. Or ... That is what we used to say before we discovered that the gladiator battles take place every Sunday.

You know where these words are leading. It is truly painful for me to type this article. I have been a huge fan of American football for as long as my memory permits. I have football posters on my basement walls. My family has had season tickets at college football games for decades and attended numerous bowl games. Whenever my favorite NFL team comes to town my brother and I would pop down to the Kingdome/Qwest/CenturyLink Field to watch. I started and managed a football fan website for a number of years. And despite my love for the sport, I now know that I have watched my last football game.

American football is killing people. Not instantly. It takes five, ten, twenty years after these young men retire from the sport. They are, essentially, not the same person they were due to repeated massive impacts. Some are smart enough to only play long enough to make some cash and then exit. Some exit early and still end up a statistic. Regardless, we know that the very nature of how this game is played - massive people hitting each other play after play after play - shortens their lives dramatically.

The human brain is a blob of Jello sitting in a shallow puddle of fluid. When your body has a massive change of direction that Jello smacks against the cranium. Since there are no pain sensors inside that coconut, we have no idea that it is being damaged. An occasional hit is not likely to cause long term damage, but a hundred times in a day? Week after week? It causes brain damage, a disease called chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), that will have a long term neurological impact and potentially end in death.

How likely is a football player to find themselves with CTE? Of the 91 former football players that have been tested they have discovered 87 of them (over 95%) have CTE.

There is strong evidence that the National Football League first became aware of this problem in 1994 and started their campaign to hide it. They make over 7 billion dollars a year and are in charge of the most popular sport in the richest country in the world. How many parents of the next generation of athletes would allow little Johnny to play a sport that is as dangerous as boxing? The NFL continues to do everything in their power to make it look like they are helping (supposedly donating tens of millions of dollars to research) while simultaneously dismissing the danger.

Even after public acknowledgement of the dangers, even after rule changes to the game, even after Nike makes billions from selling safer sports gear - the bottom line is that the NFL has spent the past two decades hiding this problem from the public and, more critically, the players that has made them so rich. The National Football League has knowingly been profiting off of these kids that were, unknowingly, sacrificing their long term health.

There is still considerable research that needs to be done on whether there is a safe way to play America's favorite sport. Until we know the answer, parents should exclude their children from participating. Colleges should consider dramatic safety measures (flag football, anyone?) or indefinitely suspend the game until professionals can determine how it can be played safely. And while the health prognosis of football players is still unclear, what should be clear is the long term health of the organization that gambled the brains of our kids: The NFL needs to be abolished.

My heartfelt thanks to all of the football players that made this game so exciting to watch.

26 March 2016

What humanity needs to defeat our own stupidity.

James Hansen is a prominent climate scientist who has been following the climate change dilemma for as long as anyone. In 1988, while America was showing the world how to use dino nectar to turn on Earth's "oven clean" mode, he was speaking to Congress about the dangers of what has been defined as the most acceptable form of air pollution on the planet. In the years since, while politicians claimed carbon dioxide is perfectly safe because we exhale it all day long, James has been doing research and handing us plastic bags to tie over heads to let us demonstrate just how safe this stuff really is.

Like most every other scientist, James has gotten some predictions wrong. Unfortunately, they are not "wrong" in the sense that the effects have not been as bad as the magic mirror told him. Quite the opposite. Things are moving more rapidly than predicted and their latest scientifically reviewed and accepted paper his colleagues penned with him suggests that the key ingredient we have missed is that emissions appear to increase exponentially. Rest assured, the rapid rise cannot continue forever, but the feedback loop where one small bullet can release two others which release four others has created a situation where we have no idea how bad this will get. What we do know does not look good for humanity.

Were that news not troubling enough, scientists have found no parallel in the history of our planet for what is happening right now. The thinking used to be that planet-wide mass extinction event 56 million years ago, called the Palaeocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM), was a perfect comparison. We do not know exactly what caused it (they forgot to turn off the T-Rex Humvee, perhaps) but massive amounts of carbon dioxide were released into the atmosphere causing global warming and killing off countless species, primarily due to ocean acidification. New research has shown that the dead-dino SUV's were putting two billion tons of gassy carbon into the air per year. At that rate many species had an opportunity to adjust because Earth's climate was changing at the same rate as the pollution.

Our planet cannot keep up with our rate of pollution.
Today's evolved chimps have built SUV's, airplanes, coal plants and "clean" natural gas buses that combine to release 30 billion tons per year. That is ten times what Earth can process and means that the impact of what we do this year will not be fully realized for a decade. Worse yet, we have been doing this for a hundred years and even if we were able to stop all carbon emissions at this moment, our situation will continue to get worse through the end of the century. It will take over a hundred thousand years before our planet naturally returns to the state it was in just last year.

Most of the world believes that humanity can easily cope with what is on the horizon, and even if we cannot the scientists have been saying the awful stuff is not until next century. Not so much. This is the prediction that Hansen has said we continue to get very wrong. We have already surpassed the 2 degree centigrade mark fifteen years ahead of schedule. In the past two years we have been finding giant sync holes all over Siberia where trapped methane is being released - again, decades ahead of schedule. Mr. Hansen's paper contends that it is likely that within the next four decades the "overturning circulation" in the ocean will change or cease all-together causing drastic storms and weather changes throughout the world, including another dramatic loss in sea ice. The sea level of the ocean may well rise 3 meters or more during that time causing nearly any town or city near a body of water to be potential future Atlantis tourist attraction. Oh, then there is the massive tides that are strong enough to pitch boulders as easily as Steve Carlton once tossed baseballs.

My final piece of sobering news is that humanity is not going to do jack shit about it until those boulders are raining down on Broadway. Let's ignore the communicable ignorance of the American GOP or Australia's brain-dead Tony Abbott for the moment and assume we are a world of intelligent homo-sapiens that generally accept scientific consensus and common sense. Even in that idealized world, humanity has never been one to correct issues whose impact is still years down the road.

Using Uncle Sam's purple majesty as but one example - our country knew Japan was going to attack us, had a President that wanted to enter the war but still did not declare until after Pearl Harbor. We knew our infrastructure in New Orleans was at the breaking point and yet did nothing to fix it until after Hurricane Katrina. We know most of the bridges in Seattle are built with hallow columns that implode during a seismic event and yet even knowing "the big one" is coming we have done next to nothing to correct it. The taxes on gasoline have not been raised in twenty years and oil has seemingly never been cheaper, but do we add to the chunk the government collects? Nope. Sure, America has reduced our emissions but only because we sit on the world's largest stockpile of natural gas that creates electricity cheaper than coal.

"Clean" only if you ignore the carbon emissions and the massive natural gas leaks throughout the world.
Every day our world delays stopping all emissions is ten days of continued worsening of this disaster. We could switch to all carbon-free options of electricity (solar, wind, hydro, nuclear) within ten years if we wanted to, but instead we celebrate using natural gas that emits half the carbon while this clean energy causes some of the worst natural disasters our world has ever seen. Neat. I mean, why fix the problem when we have different fossil fuels that can just delay it by a few days?

If - I mean "when" the world comes to it's collective senses and decides to do something real, we hope there is a potential fix: We must remove the pollution. Assuming we have an opportunity after the world-altering impact begins, humanity will need to stop delaying and start implementing methods that have a net reduction of carbon from the atmosphere. There are countless ways this might be possible, from planting more trees, raising fields of carbon-sucking algae or zapping the air with specialized lasers. (Really.) The question is what solutions will work rapidly enough. Sadly, all of these ideas are significantly slower at carbon removal than the pace we are burning fossil fuels. So, maybe we should start taking larger steps toward zero emissions immediately? Or, we could take the typical approach and let disaster strike first. I mean, how big is a boulder, really?