17 June 2016

Washington tax rewards cars that run on dino juice.

A few years back the State of Washington decided that they should charge an additional licensing tax for those who use an electric vehicle. To most residents this makes complete sense since electric vehicles are using the roads and should be paying for their construction costs. The problem is that electric vehicles are already being taxed on the electricity they use which is not considered in this calculation. Making the matters worse, the State has stupidly set their rate based on electric vehicles making the equivalent of 33 miles per gallon.


Yes, provided that your vehicle gets 34 miles per gallon or better, you are paying less taxes than someone in an electric vehicle. What makes this even more ridiculous is that most of the vehicles on the road are Nissan Leafs that will rarely move more than 10,000 miles in a given year.

I am sympathetic to the need for additional money for the State. We all want their services but no one wants to pay for them. I get it. However, this imbalance makes zero sense. Here is how to fix it:

  1. Calculate out electric vehicles at their MPGe rate (99 in the case of the Nissan Leaf) rather than the 33 MPG it is set at now.
  2. At that rate, electric vehicles should pay $45 total in gas/electricity tax per year.
  3. Then subtract the electricity tax from that amount (which is $40 per year for a Leaf).
  4. So the additional licensing tax surcharge for electric vehicles should be five bucks.
Can I get a refund of my $95 now?