18 November 2016

Post Election Detox For Liberals and Conservatives

Post 2016 Election Note for Liberals:
Just as David Duke is allowed to do the white-suited Macarena in the streets, you are absolutely entitled to work through your emotions about the election. However, there are a few ground rules:

  • No protesting permitted without an "I Voted" sticker. You are welcome to have thoughts and feelings, but we don't want to see them on TV or blocking our evening commute.
  • Stop burning American flags. There's always one idiot in a mob that cannot help taking the group on the short bus parade, so please keep the matches away from that person.
Everyone needs to hope that Donald Trump will be a successful POTUS since the alternative would be devastating to the world. You might see all evidence pointing to our imminent disaster, but it is up to all of us to try to make the best of this. What would be a disaster is if the Democrats took the reigns of the "Party of No" which would leave Trump to executive order his way to what he wants without any dialogue about the implications. We need to work with the GOP (heaven forbid, Congress working together) to come up with constructive solutions. Yes, the ACA (Obamacare) is going to be changed, but do you want 20 million people to suddenly not have health insurance or do we want to make adjustments for a long-term solution? Yes, Trump might start us building some walls, bridges and roads, but (ignoring the immigration issues) that could truly be a good thing to spark more jobs in our country. Keep in mind that Obama wanted Republicans to help craft the ACA and tried to pass an infrastructure bill but was blocked by the GOP on both counts.

We need to demonstrate to the country how a minority party can work with the other side to get things done. We are going to have to give ground on a number of issues, but our lines in the sand should be reserved for those items that tear at the fabric of our society. Remember that our issue is not whether the ACA is renamed Trumpcare and we have a platinum Trumpwall on our border, but it is to demand respect for all individuals living in our borders and fight for the world we leave to future generations. We need to continue to remind those in power that the choices we make impact every living thing on this planet.

Yes, our needs for the Supreme Court should be heard since the GOP broke the rules by not considering an appointment by Obama. We should do whatever we can to live up to the task of being stewards of the environment. There needs to be affordable healthcare available for all Americans. And, yes, we should fight to exclude any possible KKK wing of the oval office. To accomplish this we must compromise, continue to make our voices heard through protest, and always be willing to call Trump's bluff.

And keep your chin up. Trump will be up for re-election in four years.

Post 2016 Election Note for Conservatives:
You are right to complain about Americans burning flags in the street. You are right to be dismissive of protesters that did not even vote. You are right to be upset with those that hope Trump will fail. We need Trump and, ultimately, America to succeed. However, there are some ground rules in your indignation:

  • Be sensitive to the fact that over one million more people voted for the woman who lost the election. It is healthy for people to openly question how that has occurred twice to their candidates.
  • Everyone is entitled to have their feelings and work through emotions however they need to, provided it does not break the law and does not do harm to others.
We all need to be aware that protests with racist signs and dolls showing Obama being hanged were on display in America in 2008 and 2012. There are poor losers on every side. Speaking of which ... Whatever Democrats do, it is following the GOP's eight years of openly saying they would never assist Obama on anything he wanted to pass. I sincerely hope the minority party does not continue that terrible behavior, but it was (unfortunately) successfully modeled by the GOP.

Now we should chat about these rumors that Trump is a racist, xenophobic womanizer. Everyone is welcome to their own opinion on that subject based on the evidence (Trump's own words), but there is little point arguing since he was already elected. What is very much open to debate is keeping like-minded views out of our United States Government. If you are happy to have "White Power" sweep our government than congrats. But if you do not believe Trump is trying to create a racist America than you need to prove it by being openly against his hires that have demonstrated those beliefs. Case and point:

Jeff Sessions as Attorney General:
Called a black attorney a "boy", prosecuted black civil rights attorneys, claims the only problem with the KKK is they smoke weed, ignores violence against abortion clinics and mocks civil rights groups as un-American. He was dismissed by a bi-partisan Senate Judiciary Committee.

Michael Flynn as Security Advisor:
Sacked by the Pentagon for aggressive behavior, anti-Muslim rhetoric and a habit of tweeting anti-Semitic material. He has strong connections with Russia including Vladimir Putin. Mr. Flynn is in favor of our military using torture (against the law, by the way) for extracting information.

Steve Bannon as Chief Strategist:
Steve created the online news organization, Breitbart News, which is a favorite of the alt-right which includes our favorite upside-down vanilla ice cream cone people. Their news stories reflect their viewership and they unapologetically alter or outright lie to fit whatever narrative their readers want to hear at that moment. Beyond the typical anti-liberal verbiage, the articles are regularly racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic which Steve openly says he does not have the least concern about.

Trump has not taken office yet and it is reasonable to see a disturbing picture being painted. We want Trump to succeed and we want him to leave a better America than he inherited, but the tide of prosperity needs to move up for all Americans, not just the rich ones with pale skin and a penis. Help us make certain that happens.