04 March 2017

The future of humanity.

The future of humanity.

2014: Hottest year ever measured.
2015: Hottest year ever measured.
2016: Hottest year ever measured.
The White House is gutting the EPA. Congress is trying to cut funding for the satellites that track this information under the mistaken belief that if we do not know about then the problem goes away.

Remember that lying Al Gore movie about the climate? Great news! The climate models made 30 years ago that Gore used are accurately predicting the warming of our planet! And things start to get a lot worse in the years and decades ahead.

Politicians have become this a political game with one side trying to make America stupid and the other without the balls to underscore how critical this is. The ice is disappearing almost overnight and it is now absolutely clear that, short of a couple mile wide asteroid hitting us, that humans are on course to create the worst mass extinction event in the fossil record.

Is America great again if the choices we make today will assure our country no longer exists two generations from now? That is what the (scientifically accurate) climate models predict if we do not stop using fossil fuels.

We can fix the future with the tech we have today. With solar, wind and nuclear energy (ideally Thorium-based) we could safely be emission free for electricity generation within 20 years. Oh, and it would also create thousands of jobs. Please, White House - champion this and train the coal workers and anyone else out of a job to be part of our planet-saving new economy.

We must invest in the technology of the future if we want America to still be here for future generations.